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Premier Lebreton Cheyenne Plains

Siamese & White Oriental Bicolour


Fife International Premier

Best in Show Male Neuter Cat.IV, Swanley, October 2007

Best in Show Neuter Cat.IV, Stantonbury, 2008

Best Overall Neuter Cat.IV, All Winners Show, Towcester 2008

Best Male Neuter Cat.IV, GoE Show Edenbridge, 25 Apr 2009

Best Male Neuter & Overall Best Cat.IV Edenbridge 26 Apr 2009

Overall Best Neuter Cat..IV Edenbridge, Oct 2009

Overall Best Neuter Cat.IV, All Winners Show, Cheshunt Nov 2009




TICA Triple Grand Champion Alter

Best Kitten in Show

The Spoticat Club Leicester, 9/10 December 2006


Best Preliminary in Show

The London Cat Club -  9 June 2007


Best Assessment in Show

Maidstone & Medway - Dec 2007


Best Oriental Neuter

East Sussex - Sept 2008


Best Oriental in Show

East Sussex Cat Show - April 2011


Prior to the Oriental Bicolours obtaining Championship status he achieved 12 GCCF Merit Certificates awarded by different  judges and then became one of the qualifiers with 3 Intermediate Certificates